Counting The Closet

Uncovering behavioral patterns of clothes consumption

How many items do we have? Where were they made? What are they made of? When were they bought? 

Counting the Closet is design research project aimed at raising questions and collecting data about the clothes we own. I am interested in researching constancy vs change, what makes a garment stay in the wardrobe. My goal is to interview 10 wardrobes, staring from my own. 

Wondering what hides inside of your closet? Participate - I would love to count your closet, email me at

More info about this project:

Interviewee #1: Myself

Data below shows results of a research of my closet I did in Jan 2014. I own 64 items, more than a third of them from fast fashion brands. 32% percent of my closet is cotton, 19 items that I own are made in China. I am completely satisfied with 53% precent of my closet.

Counting closet V 1000x??px.jpg
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