Hewlett Packard User Interface & User Experience

HP Indigo 10000 Digital press is HP's recent innovation. Not only this printer can print works as big as B2 size, and can print up to 6,900 pages an hour. During 2011/2012 I was working on UI design of this software with a design team from company Aran, in Caesarea, Israel. It is an intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation of the press presented on a 19" touch screen. 

Stanley Guard User Interface Design

Stanley Guard is a smart online inventory control system. By tagging each powertool the system constantly monitors the presence of the tools as well as monitoring tools checked out by permitted workers. The webapp helps the manager control several sites with each of their powertool inventory in real time

Young & Foodish, iPhone User Interface Design

iPhone application designed for Young & Foodish, a website of London-based food critic Daniel Young.
Done in collaboration with Revolucija.hr.

See this app in app store here: http://itunes.apple.com/il/app/young-and-foodish/id417392686?mt=8

Golan Heights Map

Infographic designed for a video reportage about the Golan Heights, showing geopolitical changes in the region over the years. Link to reportage.

Knight Foundation TED conference inforgraphics panels

These panels are organized in a 6 x 8 foot big "presentation book" displayed on a TED conference. Each inner spread represents one of four areas of investment. The areas are Building Social Capital, Deepening Engagement, Role of Technology and Unlocking Government. Concept for this infographics series is Universe. Each spread is a Universe of itself with planets rotating around it. Planets show the names of companies. Each company has satellites - a set of various information that tells us more about the company.

Happiness 2012, Series of Illustrations

Imaginary spaces that trigger happiness. Illustrations for 2012 calendar.

Mlada SK Poezija, Book Layout + Illustrations

Collection of poems written by five young authors from Sisak, my home town. Authors only common motive is a river that runs through the town / their poetry.