MSK's Five 

2014 Manifest

Between February and April 2014 I was a part of five week elective course at Konstfack University, run by guest Professors Dr Kate Goldsworthy and Professor Kay Politowicz from Textile Future Research Centre at the University of Arts, London.

The Elective was titled ‘Material Journeys‘ and explored the objects we design as material life-cycles or stories. Workshops were delivered on cyclability, creative writing and visualization, using THE TEN to provoke sustainable thinking as part of an ‘interconnected design process’.

As an answer TED’s TEN, set of sustainable design strategies for textile and fashion designers, I created MSK’s Five, my own 2014 Manifesto.

Manifesto, a public declaration of one’s policy and aims, gives a vertical cut in our own timelines, help us define a standpoint from where to go further.

In MSK’s Five, I am explaining 5 areas of work which I consider crucial for creating a sustainable design. I see overlap of those areas a main goal of every designer.