Sustainability Reader iPhone Application

Changing Fashion Industry Standards Through Consumer Activation 


Description. This is a concept design for an iPhone application that empowers aware consumers about sustainability aspects of fashion products. The app is downloaded for free and based on personalizing, gathering information, feedback and community about product's sustainability aspects.

How it works. Sustainability Reader App functions as a bridge between consumer and a product. Sustainability is personal, everyone has its own definition and demands. This app starts by user setting his profile and defining which environmental and ethical aspects of fashion products and supply chains are relevant to her/him. Though this settings, app functions dually, as a reader (when an item is scanned) and as a search tool (listing items that fit criteria based on our settings).

Background. Fashion industry is one of the World’s fastest growing problems. Fashion is the second most polluting industry (after oil). One sixth of worlds population works in fashion industry, most under poor or abusive conditions. Due to lack of transparency, it is nearly impossible for consumers to make educated decision about their purchases. This app provides insight into the “journey” of a products, from seed to shelf.

Positive Change. First “Made in” label took effect in 19th century in Britain, it aimed to ensure that all foreign products were branded with a label. In the same time, Charles F. Worth, started the modern fashion industry by being the first designer to have his label sewn into the garments that he created. Label is an intangible asset, a promise that the creator gives to an item guaranteeing what it is written on the label is true.

Labels today is the lack information necessary to make an informed judgement. When talking about sustainable aspects of fashion products, we need transparency on every stage of production chain. Sustainable Reader iPhone Application is a democratic tool and will set new standard of educated consuming.

Sustainability Reader App - information architecture.