Born iSisak, Croatia in Fall of 1982. MA degree in Graphic Design at University of Zagreb, School of Design, Croatia in 2007. Since then working as a graphic, interface and textile designer. In September 2013 enrolled in MFA program in Textile in Expanded Field at Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design to further explore my deep passion for textiles. Currently I am working and enjoying life in the wonderful Berlin.


Before my 7th birthday, my parents asked me if I had any wishes for a present. “Sewing machine,” I quickly answered. My parents, mildly shocked, were not sure whether to fulfill this wish or disregard it as a childish caprice. I insisted. Indeed, on Nov 11th 1989 a second-hand Singer sewing machine appeared on my desk. I was so happy.

In the next few years I enthusiastically sewed an entire collections for my dolls. I would cut fabric and sew it into garments, and then my assistant, my little brother Boris, would try it on the dolls and let me know if it fits. I grew out of playing with dolls, but my interest for design never faded.

In the past 7 years, I’ve worked mainly as a digital designer. I designed software, web sites, and also iPhone and iPad applications. I have done projects for Hewlett-Packard in Israel and for the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and have worked with start-ups and smaller companies.

In 2012, while I was living in Tel Aviv, I felt uninspired from spending extensive hours time in front of the computer screen. I signed up for a textile printing class. Immediately, I fell under the spell of textiles. With textile, I finally found the correct balance between art and functionality, a medium in which I could combine my creative expression with my strive for utility. Since the first lesson of that course, I can not stop thinking about textiles.

That is why, I applied to study at Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm. Konstfack has one of the best equipped textile workshops in the worlds. We had classes in draping, weaving, machine knitting, printing and dyeing. This spring I had an amazing five-week course with Kate Goldsworthy and Kay Politowicz from Textile Futures Research Center, established at the University of the Arts London.

I see my future in communicating sustainability in fashion through combining two of my focus areas: visual communications and sustainable strategies in fashion industry.